Primacy OK - a modern way to stay compliance

Know your obligations

Primacy OK lets you collect, organize, and share the obligations that apply to your organization.

It makes compliance cheaper, easier, and more complete.

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How it works
Primacy OK - Know your obligation

The missing tool in compliance.

Good compliance begins with understanding your obligations however many organization still have “poor risk awareness and failure to set the right tone" for compliance¹.

Identifying and mapping text in legislation and guidance into actionable requirements for your organization is a cumbersome process, even for compliance experts.

That’s why we built Primacy OK. It’s compliance made modern.

¹ Monetary Authority of Singapore. (2022). Strengthening AML/CFT practices for external asset managers.
Primacy OK rulebook is a modern way to stay compliant

A modern way to stay compliant

Primacy OK helps you build a rulebook so you can track and share your obligations with your team to increase their obligation awareness and bring compliance into their day-to-day work.

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