Working with Primacy /

Working with us otherwise

Maybe you'll start a new team, join our executive team, or reshape our team to fit you. Regardless, we want to talk to you.


As a remote-first company, we try to have a remote-first hiring process. Depending on the role, you can expect a hiring process that incorporates text based communication and/or more traditional interviewing. The hiring process tries to give you a flavour of what the working with us will be like in the specific role.

We want to know what you do and what it's like to work with you, as we're sure you do us.

This is a summary of the process.

Stage 1: Screening

We want to hear about something you've made or done in the last year (or so) that demonstrates what you do well. This will be a written submission, which assesses your written communication skills.

Send us a short note telling us what it is and why this is the work that demonstrates your skills best. You have our permission to boast — you ought to. You're welcome to ask any questions you have as we go, though they may be(anonymized and) collected here under a FAQ section.

Stage 2: Follow-up discussion and interview

We will ask for a CV and ask you a series of follow up questions about your submission or schedule a video call or in person interview to discuss. The focus of this second stage is to get to know you and your work better.

Tell us why this work exists. Tell us the story behind it. Tell us about the complexities you encountered (and conquered?)

We’ll also be curious as to why you are interested in working with us.

Stage 3: Employment or contract offer

If it all goes well then comes the offer for employment or contract.

We'll offer a competitive salary based on the cost of labour in your region and our interpretation of your skill level.


Send us a short note telling us about something you've made and why this is the work that demonstrates your skills best.