Working with Primacy

We've built…

We started by building OPTML, a mark-up language to represent legislation as data. It describes the structure, identity, and content of legislation from any jurisdiction for use in legal research, financial regulation compliance, payroll compliance, and other applications. This lets compliance professionals navigate connections across legislation and regulations, and surfaces insights in real time.

Our first product, OnPoint Law, lets legal researchers navigate previously unseen connections across legislation and regulations, and surfaces insights right inside documents, ready for citing.

We're building…

We have high ambitions for accessible and appliable legislation across many verticals and in any jurisdiction. Imagine linking the underlying legislation to things like statements in legal documents, requirements in policies, and clauses in contracts. We believe it will lead to vast increases in auditability (e.g. automating compliance checks) and maintainability (e.g. change management processes driven directly by amendments to legislation).

We're already applying this in human resources to help SMEs navigate complex and changing industrial relations regulation. We've paired our novel work understanding legislation with the principles of privacy and owning-your-own-data to design a unique approach connecting frontline workers to HR to compliance. Consider it Web3 made boring. (Or if 'Web3' is a repulsive term for you, consider it Web 3.0 made fun.)

We have a pipeline of customers wanting to deploy our solutions in other industries, including financial services and health care.

You can ask us for more details about what we've built and our roadmap.

We're small but growing

The Primacy team comes from a variety of backgrounds. Primacy was founded in 2020 and started full-time development in 2021. Our product team is currently a cosy three people with some additional help brought in at times. Our growth team is an energetic team of two people.

You can ask us for more details about the current team and our growth plans.

We're remote-first

We're incorporated in Singapore and our team members are in a couple of different countries. Our clients are in Singapore, South Africa, and Australia.

We don’t have an office. Some of us connect in-person when we can, some of us exclusively chat by text.

We’re client-centric, and want to have growth team members geographically close to key clients, but for everyone else, location is flexible.

We're looking for…

We’re a start-up, so we want people who thrive and enjoy a work environment where they can take on many different roles. We value all-rounders with a love and capacity for rapid learning.

Join our product team

Curious designers, developers, and product managers who've delivered commercial work in small teams.

Join our growth team

Client-focussed and technically astute account management and business development personnel to help us ensure great product-market fit.

Join us otherwise

For anyone with other backgrounds curious and interested about working in a technology start-up: we’re keen to connect. You never know where a conversation might take you.