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We help companies navigate heavily regulated environments in a constantly changing world by closing the gap between legislation, regulations, and company’s obligations and how they are applied in business operations.
Our Technology
OPTML - OnPoint Text Markup Language

the open standard for
legal documents

OPTML is a mark-up language to represent legislation as data. It describes the structure, identity, and content of legislation from any jurisdiction for use in legal research, financial regulation compliance, payroll compliance, and other applications. 

We've translated laws and regulations from multiple jurisdictions into OPTML to build graphs of legal knowledge upon which we build legislation-driven applications.

With support from

Our products

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Compliance made agile. 

Regulations change and you must too. Primacy's integrated governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution leverages our library of structured legislation to connect controls to obligations. A holistic understanding of external rules and internal policies means we can assess the impact of tabled and enacted legislative changes on your GRC programme and guide you through revision.
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The next generation of lawyer. 

Work traditionally done by lawyers can be done more efficiently and often with higher quality by constantly improving technology-enabled legal solutions. Many lawyers and firms are becoming less important and less profitable.

Primacy's productivity workspace empowers the independent, artisan lawyer to deliver bespoke legal services that deliver clients high value and with a great experience.
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Your workforce, optimized. 

Labour laws are one of the most intricate and evolving areas legislation. Primacy's integrated workforce management and payroll solution empowers small businesses to navigate industrial relations without the overhead of a massive back office of lawyers and compliance experts.
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